2012 Houston Dynamo Attendance Watch: Game 5

Well that was a wild game last night. After all the talk about how Toronto FC was the worst team in MLS (maybe ever) and the distraction of three TFC players getting arrested for being drunk outside a Houston nightclub, it was the Dynamo that looked like the worse team for the first half the game, falling behind 3-1 at the break. Whatever Kinnear yelled at the the team at halftime worked, though, and the Dynamo fought back for a 3-3 tie and could have won the game at the end.

The game reminded me of another 3-3 draw a few years ago, during the dark ages of Tony Caig when he kept trying to giveaway the game to FC Dallas, only to have Geoff Cameron tie the game at the last moment on a beautiful shot from distance.

The Dynamo-TFC game ended up being the first game of the season that wasn’t a sellout, but not by much. 21,423 fans got to see a textbook case of a tie feeling like a win, and the entire crowd seemed to will the team to victory those final twenty minutes of the game.

The Dynamo weren’t the only Houston sports team in action yesterday. The Houston Astros played earlier yesterday afternoon, and my ears are still ringing from the thousands of school children groups that were screaming at various times during the game. Those group sales fueled a decently attended game, and probably one of the best weekday afternoon games of the year. The Astros announced 30,687. While the Stros won the attendance game, they also lost 2-1. There were more points scored in soccer than baseball that day, and the Dynamo game was certainly more exciting.

Unless the Astros go on a playoff run, the Dynamo could have a higher average attendance if the good numbers continue. Right now the Astros are 25th in the league in attendance, averaging 22,345 through thirty-five home games. The Dynamo through five home games averaged 21,423.

Currently the Dynamo are 5-4-5. The team has been 2-2-2, 3-3-3, and 4-4-4. Hopefully the Dynamo can break the pattern and not lose to Montreal this weekend.

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James has been a Houston Dynamo fan since its inception. He is heavily involved in the Texian Army supporters group and loves all things sports in Houston. Follow him on Twitter @nobius.